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Favorite Sports Teams

San Antonio Spurs Detroit Lions NY Mets
Milwaukee Bucks Carolina Panthers N/A
Philadelphia 76ers Kansas City Chiefs N/A

My favorite NBA team is the San Antonio Spurs. I was essentially born and raised a Spurs fan and I maybe consume the content too much. The Spurs have been great for over 20 years so I would not consider myself a bandwagon fan; a bandwagon fan however would maybe possibly be 95% of the Golden State Warriors fanbase.

My Favorite NFL team is the Detroit Lions. Four years ago, I was looking for a random NFL team to be a fan of and the quality I was looking for was a mascot that I found to be cool. I landed upon the Lions, so it has been rough, but they have been my favorite team since.

My favorite MLB team is the New York Mets, whereas I discovered them in the Spring of 2018. Similar with the Detroit Lions, I sought a team to be a fan of and I landed on them due to their unique mascot. It has definitely been a journey, hopefully they’ll make the 2019 playoffs.